cougar cub

It is getting very cold!  Yikes!   Look at the snow!  All my daughter wanted to do the last couple of days is throw snowballs, no matter how little they were at all of us. As we get closer to winter break, things are getting crazier!

Kindergarten Movie Night: Thank you for all of those who came and donated to having "The Storylady" come to our classrooms.

Guess whose class is the winner so far for the collection of plastic caps for the Buddy Bench?????  DRUM ROLL.....

Mrs. Zurawski's Class




Holiday Shop: Friday, December 15th from 9:30-10:00 our class will be going to the Holiday shop at school.  The envelopes went home last week.  Please turn them back into me by this Friday, December 15th with who they are to buy for and how much to spend.  I remember doing this when I was in school.  The kids have fun, because they can buy without you there.

Holiday Celebration: Tuesday, December 19th from 2:35-3:35 located in our classroom.  Please be on the look out for upcoming information.  There will be a sign up for donations and volunteers.  I am working on the festivity planning right now.

Sign up:

Christmas Around the World: As part of our social studies curriuclum the students will learn about the different ways that Christmas is celebrated around the world.  On Wednesday, December 20th the kindergarten will do a rotation through all four classes.  Each class will be a country for them to travel to and learn about how that country celebrates Christmas.  If you are able to volunteer that morning please email me.  I am looking for just a couple.

Polar Express: On the afternoon of Wednesday, December 20th we will be watching the movie the Polar Express and particpating in different activities.

Important Reminders:

-Weather: It is going to be true Michigan weather starting this week! Watch out, here is comes! I know we are going to get a bad winter, because I moved back here. LOL! Please make sure that you put your child's name in their hats, gloves, scarves, coats, sweatshirts, jackets, boots, sweaters, and mittens. This will help for when they lose them. If you don't have their name on it, it will be hard to find them. They don't claim things, even when they are theirs. Remember to dress appropriately! We have recess twice a day and it is going to be cold. Make sure they are wearing some kind of coat. I also noticed are room is cold.

BEE folders: Please make sure to empty their BEE folders every night! They struggle with their folders when things haven't been taken out. Plus sometimes they are holding them upside down and everything falls out when they are trying to pack up. Plus you want to make sure that you are seeing everything.

Cougar Cards: Part of their daily homework is getting their cougar card signed. This is communication between you and I. Please make sure to sign both sides daily. This way I know you are seeing their behavior in the classroom.


What will we be learning this week?

Reading:This Unit is all about using Super Powers to be Super Readers!  We will work this week on using the super powers that we have all together to help us read, we are going to continue learning new words and being able to read them in a snap!, and focus on the first sound of each word.  We are also focusing on not giving up when it gets hard to read a word.

Don't forget to read 20 minutes every night!

I sent a sheet on some important reading ideas home last week!  Make sure to read it over and save it as a resource.

Here are sight words we have done over the weeks: I, and, me, we, see, the, is, on, a, am, like, can, so, my, have, will, you, in, that, it, to, go, and an

This week's sight words: up, do, he, and she

Reading resource websites:

Writing: We are working on sounding out words to help with writing sentences and writing our story books.

Math: We will continue to practice number recognition, 0-30 and our counting skills to 100.  The children need to be able to count to 100 by ones and tens.

We continue this week with the kids are going to work on recognizing numbers 0-30 and practice putting them in order.

Thank you for helping me out and cutting out their number cards last week.

Science: Not at this time!

Social Studies:This week we continue our unit: Who Am I?  We are talking about getting along with others and being responsible.

Health: Right now this is a daily lesson of washing hands, covering our coughs and sneezes, and eating healthy with our healthy snacks.  This is something that can also be connected and talked about at home also.

* Don't forget to look at the announcement block for date specific events comng up!

Be on the look out for some up and coming pictures from our Brown Bag Thanksgiving and Commuitee Helpers Day!


Tuesday, November 14th

Thursday, November 16th

Monday, November 20th

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Bowling Event-Nov.19th

Click on the flyer file to see all of the information!

Nov. 22nd-24th-Thanksgiving Break-NO SCHOOL

BEE folders

Please empty daily!

October 23rd-Animals

Please bring in a small stuffed animal.  Like the size of your hand to keep at school.

No School November 7th

Bagel Day

Friday's are Bagel Days.  Pay $1 and get a choice of plain, cinnamon/sugar, sesseame, or chocolate chip!

Parent Teacher Conferences

Tuesday, November 14th

Thursday, November 16th

Monday, November 20th

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