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Let's finish strong!  Only 9 1/2 days left to go, but still have lots of learning to do everyday.  Let's all work together to help the kids finish strong.  Remind them everyday that the end is near, but we are still at school to learn from Mrs. Z and that we need to listen.  This is important as we continue with end of the year assessments.

Last Friday was field day!  The kids had a blast!  If anyone got any pictures please send them to me and I will pass them on for I am not able to get pictures on my phone at this time.

This Tuesday is our field trip to the pet store.  If you are intersted in chaperoning please let me know today.

I will be sending some work home with the kids for the summer for them to work on along with a bag of books from the Assisstance League.  I will send this stuff home with them next week.  So please look out for it.  What I do for the summer with my daughter is spend an hour or two each day where she works on math, writing, and reading.  There is always a lot of regretion over the summer and it is frustrating for the kids at the beginnng of the year with having to start over again.  Help them out and help to keep them growing!

If you are able to, we are running out of some prizes.  We could use some donations.  We are looking for small type party prizes.  Right now I am taking prizes from our classroom Cougar store.  We don't want to loose all of that.  So if you are able to, we are looking for some donations.  Thank you!


Take home reading bags:  Please send these back in by Wednesday, June 6th this week.  We are done with the reading bags, but please continue to read every night.  It is very important!



6/5: Field Trip to Premier Pets from 10:30-11:30

6/15: 1/2 Day/ LAST DAY OF SCHOOL

*Kindergarten Picnic @ 10:45-11:45 (ALL parents are invited):  Please help us out to make this fun for the kids and sign up for a 15 minute slot

Important Reminders:

Cougar Cards: Part of their daily homework is getting their cougar card signed. This is communication between you and I. Please make sure to sign both sides daily. This way I know you are seeing their behavior in the classroom.


What will we be learning this week?


We are on our last two lessons in Unit for and they are focused on poetry and voice.  The kids are learning how to adjust their voice depending on the feeling of the poems.  I will ask the kids which unit they liked the most and we will spend the rest of the year on the topic they like and conitue practicing.

Super Powers:

-Pointer power (pointing to words with their index finger)

-Reread power ( to reread the book or page they have read)

-Picture power ( to use the picture to help figure out a tough word)

-Partner power (taking turns reading/pointing and helping one another)

-Snap word power (reading sight words and other words they know)

-Sound power (sounding out words they don't know and listening for the sounds of each letter)

-Persistence Power (Dont' give up!)

-Talk Power (introduce and talk about the book, but don't give the end away)

-Pattern Power


Don't forget to read 20 minutes every night!

I sent a sheet on some important reading ideas home last week!  Make sure to read it over and save it as a resource.

Here are sight words we have done over the weeks: I, and, me, we, see, the, is, on, a, am, like, can, so, my, have, will, you, in, that, it, to, go, an, up, do, he, she, come, play, for, fun, was, are, they, be, this, has, all, day, said, of, what, that, look, him, her, went, had, got, by, did, look, get,if, eat, then, say, and here

This week's sight words:  REVIEW

Reading resource websites:

Writing: We are working hard to get Unit 4 done.  We are working on problems that we see to convince others to help us fix those problems.  Right now we are doing this through writing letters to the different types of people that can help us fix the problems we see in school and outside of school.

Math: Right now we are focusing on some things we need to review and continuing with addition and subtraction.


Social Studies: We will be working on leaving about "Where I am."  This is city, state, world, ect.

Health: Right now this is a daily lesson of washing hands, covering our coughs and sneezes, and eating healthy with our healthy snacks.  This is something that can also be connected and talked about at home also.  PLEASE REMIND THEM TO COUGH AND SNEEZE INTO THEIR ELBOW.  We have had six kids out most of last week each day and so it spreads so fast.  We just have to keep reminding them.


No School-MLK DAY

Show all Mrs. Zurawski's Zangy Announcements!

Friday, January 26th- 1/2 Day for students

1/2 Day today!

Monday, January 15th- NO SCHOOL

No School-MLK DAY

Wednesday, January 3rd-School Resumes

Winter break is over.  Come back and see me!

BEE folders

Please empty daily!

Bagel Day

Friday's are Bagel Days.  Pay $1 and get a choice of plain, cinnamon/sugar, sesseame, or chocolate chip!

Parent Teacher Conferences

Tuesday, November 14th

Thursday, November 16th

Monday, November 20th

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