Here's a breakdown of membership dues

• Individuals count as ONE member at $6; Families count as TWO at $10.

• For every member we get, we send $3.75 to the Michigan PTSA.

• This leaves us with $2.25 from every individual member and $2.50 for every family. Dues don't go very far, but membership isn't a fundraiser, it is to keep the public schools in the legislatures' eyes at state and national levels.

• The Michigan PTSA keeps $2.00 for their programs and sends $1.75 to the National PTA for their programs.

• The largest program the MI-PTSA and NA-PTA provides is Reflections.

• The MI-PTSA and NA-PTA's main purpose is to advocate for all children to the Michigan and National legislature.

• Advocacy includes campaigning for, as examples, better food in schools (National), not using education funds for other purposes (Michigan).

There are member discounts at the National level and we are working on local discounts. For benefits with the National PTA (as every McGregor PTA member is a National member): Use the user name and password on the back of your membership card to access the information.