Meap Information

MEAP  (Michigan Education Assessment Program)

These state-required tests are administered during a three-week window in October.  Results are sent to parents as soon as we receive them from the state.  This usually occurs at the end of February  or the beginning of March.


Third, fourth and fifth grade students all take a reading test which assesses reading and fourth grade will also be assessed in writing.  They will also take a math MEAP test which assesses five strands of mathematics: patterning, geometry, data analysis, number sense, algebraic operations, and probability.  In addition, fifth grade students will take a Science MEAP test which assesses life, physical, and earth science concepts.


These MEAP tests are based on Michigan Grade Level Content Expectations in each subject area.  Rochester’s curriculum meets or exceeds these content expectations and are therefore closely aligned with the tests.


MEAP results are quite valuable to our school.  We look at them and use them to identify areas of strengths and needs in the education of our students.  We use “best practices” to address areas of relative weakness. We DO NOT teach to the test…rather we strive to IMPROVE INSTRUCTION of the curriculum identified as needing extra reinforcement.


For example, based on past MEAP scores, we have placed an important focus on the Writing Workshop and science in all grades.  Also, based on past MEAP scores we are teaching explicit comprehension strategies in all grades.  As always, we strive to continue to improve in those areas in which we are doing well.  We do minimal “practice” MEAP testing.  However, we do teach the students good test-taking strategies , which apply to  many educational settings.


Meap Results Fall, 2011 (Percentage passing)


Grade & Subject                                     Long Meadow                          Rochester Schools                 State of Michigan

Grade 3 Math                                         62                                           64                                          36

Grade 3 Reading                                    85                                           78                                           62


Grade 4 Math                                        83                                           75                                           40

Grade 4 Reading                                   82                                            84                                          68


Grade 5 Math                                       82                                            81                                          40

Grade 5 Reading                                  88                                             88                                          69          

Grade 5 Science                                  40                                             40                                          15