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The Rochester Foundation supplied funds to the Media Center for NetOp software

Bethany Strausbaugh, Long Meadow Media Specialist, and Jennifer Jones, Hampton Media Specialist, wrote a grant for a computer lab software, NetOp, and new technology books.  These were to supply the library collection and better the media center student experience to increase student learning.  The books have given the students the information needed for their knowledge of new technologies.  The software has given the Media Specialist the ability to demonstrate computer or research projects effectively.  The increase in time for students to work on their assignment and the decrease in student frustration has made this opportunity a success. 

Check out the MOVIE link at the bottom of this website.  The first grade students at Long Meadow are being instructed with the NetOp software. 

To learn more about the NetOp software used in our computer lab, visit this website:  http://www.netop.com/netop-5.htm