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Information Literacy Specialist


Hi. My name is Yvonne Kuhlman and I am one of Hugger Elementary's Information Literacy Specialists. 


This is going to be my fifteenth year in the teaching profession. I am anticipating the moment I'll meet you and greet you with open arms and an

open heart as you enter the Media Center. I can't wait to see your wondering eyes and smiling faces, and listen to your exciting stories!


Here's my story. I love to travel! I'll share my travel experiences with you as we get to know each other and listen to each others stories! I have

traveled all over the United States and Canada, I've also been to New Zealand, Fiji, Ireland, England, Scotland, Wales, Spain and Morocco. 


I can't wait to share all my travels with you. Especially my most recent travels this summer to the United Kingdom and Ireland. We spent 5 weeks

touring and visiting family. Lots of happy memories were made! 


My husband, Bryan, daughters, Claire and Audrey, and two sons Evan and Reid, and I live in Oakland Township. We love living so close to all the

Rochester Parks and downtown. We enjoy being outdoors and we spend a lot of time walking, or biking with our dog, Abbey, on the Paint Creek Trail.

When we aren't on the trail we are usually doing a project around the house or outside in our garden. 


I am a graduate of Oakland University, and I did my student teaching at Long Meadow Elementary in Rochester. I completed the final phase of my 

training in New Zealand. In 2010, I completed my Masters Degree at Wayne State in Library and Information Science. I love reading and technology!

I am currently pursuing my National Board Certification. I am a true lifelong learner!


I love children. I love teaching. I am looking forward to working with your children, seeing them grow, and helping to prepare them for a lifetime of