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Running is Hot!

Running through non-competitive seasons is a great time to run for the love of it.   The summer months see many individuals with varying amounts of running experience getting involved.  Some of the motivating factors include warmer weather, nature in bloom, getting into better shape, more hours of daylight to fill with social activities.


Running clubs take advantage of morning and evening running times for several reasons.  With an earlier sunrise and a later sunset, most people have more hours of daylight before and/or after work in which they can fit regular social running.  In addition to convenience, experienced runners know that by avoiding the heat of the day they are avoiding risk of severe dehydration.  Even in cool weather runners lose a lot of water and nutrients...we've all seen the gatorade commercials.  Drinking water frequently throughout the day (even if you don't feel thirsty) is an important step to prevent dehydration.  While some individuals claim to 'glisten' rather than sweat, they're still losing water.  If you want to enjoy running more, stay hydrated, maintain a healthy diet, and get sufficient rest between runs.


Our summer running club meets:

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at Stoney Creek HS at 8:00am, beginning on June 18th.

Tuesday and Thursday runs are held at 8:00am at the Rochester Municipal Park ("duck pond" next to police station).

These are open running groups.  You are welcome to attend wether you are running at Stoney Creek, a sibling, a parent, an alumnus, or from another high school.  These workouts are generally finished by 9:15am.

Get social.  Find a running club.  Run for Fun. 
(NOTE: July 1 - July 8 is the RCS 'dead period'.  There will be no school-organized runs during that time.  The runs will resume the following Monday.)

First official Day of Practice is: August 8th

Starting August 8th we will practice every day from 8:00am - 11:00am.

We will meet in the SCHS courtyard (in the banner hall if bad weather).


You need to have a Physical exam before you will be allowed to practice, but come to the beginning of each practice even if you don't have your physical yet.  There will be important paperwork, announcements, and team-building activities.


Physicals are available from 5:00 – 8:00 pm for $30 (checks to RCS) on the following days/locations.

*Sign-up Genius is now being used for appointments.

*Direct questions to Amy Ritt 248-726-3138 or aritt@rochester.k12.mi.us

- Monday, June 18 at SCHS

- Tuesday, June 19 at Adams

- Wednesday, June 20 at RHS

  • Record Board Updated with 2017 data...below
  • Girls & Boys both OAA White division League Champs!!
  • Boys 15th in Div.1 State
  • Girls 24th in Div.1 State