Mr. Schultz's 7th Grade Geography

Hello and welcome to 7th grade.  The only required material that you will need for my class is a spiral notebook to complete your journals in.  The only required behaviors are curiousity and questioning.  Let's learn about the world together!

11/17  Today the kids were introduced to Hammurabi's code.  There is a worksheet and two journals for homework.

First semester Journal list.

9/5  Journal I - This is the journal where we will write the words of the day.  Here is what we have so far:

1.  Empathy  2.  Perception  3.  Terrorism

9/5  Journal II - Describe what you see in each of the two pictures.

9/11  J III  How did 9/11 change the world?

9/19  J IV  due 9/21  Tell me what you know about North Korea and Kim Jong Un.

9/25  J V  due 9/27  What is your stance on the kneeling in protest issue during the national anthem?

9/26  J VI  due 9/28  What is your view on evolution?

9/29  J VII  What do you know about the stock market?

10/11  J IX  due 10/13  Should we have used the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagisaki?

9/29  J VIII due 10/2  Get stock tips from at least 3 adults.

11/17  J X  Which poster is Mr. Schultz's favorite and why?

11/17  J XI  Write down the four craziest King Hammurabi laws (Google HAMMURABIS CODE OF LAWS)

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