Mr. Schultz's 7th Grade Geography

For the next few months we will be working on political journals along with our other work.  This means the kids will have a small amount of homework 3 to 4 times a week.  I encourage you to ask your child about our journal topics and help them form their thoughts on the different topics.  All the journals will be listed on this site.

4/20-25  We are starting a project on Mesoamerica on 4/20.  The kids are creating a travel brochure on either the Maya, Aztec, or Inca.  They have access to computers for four days and should be able to complete this in class.

Second semester Journal list

J III  What is one cause you would like to champion?  Something you would protest for to demand change.    Give me three ways you would be willing to protest for change.

J IV  due 3/13  Should prayer be allowed in public schools?

J V  due 3/15  Talk to an adult about what they were taught about Russia when they were young.

J VI due 3/19   Ask an adult what they know about the Vietnam war and its impact on America.

J VII due 3/21  How should the US respond to issues in North Korea?  (Nuclear, Human Rights, Threats, etc.)

J VIII due 3/26  What should the US do in response to China's island building in the Pacific?

J X due 3/27  Should the U.S. us drones to kill terrorists?

J XI  due after break.  These are definitions from the Rome packet.

J XII due 4/19  What is your stance on charter schools?

J XII  due 3/29   Shoud the US run a detention facility like Guantanamo Bay?

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