This year we are adapting a new science curriculum called MiStar! It is district-wide, so all grade levels will be collaborating on lessons and using the same science units for some time as we launch into this amazing new curriculum! This is very exciting because we are getting away from your basic memorization of facts, and more into collaborative group work, discussions, problem-solving, and applying skills to the world around us. This is going to be a big change for the students and for everyone as they begin to develop these inquiry skills and discover science at through inquiry and investigation. We are so fortunate to have a team of scientists, engineers, and teachers helping us to create this amazing, unique science experience for our students based on the Next Generation Science Standards. We are all going to learn so much this year!

Please find my tentative weekly lesson plans on this website. Remember the presence of an icon indicates an attachment is available for that lesson. Use the plans to review what we did in class, stay caught up if you are absent, and/or to redo learning opportunities.

My planning period is 6th hour (1:25-2:22pm) this year. 

Thank you so much for your excitement and support! 


Your partner in education,


Miss Palace