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Global Digital Leadershp

Class Overview: Today, students and parents alike use technology on a regular basis. The development of new digital technology, such as social media and online commerce, has made understanding these technologies and their use an essential part of education. Students are now citizens in a new, online realm which is developing very quickly, bringing with it both benefits and problems. The course will consider many aspects of this online world.

Objectives: Students today have access to powerful technological tools but limited guidance in how to use these tools in a safe and ethical way. This course will focus on providing structures for students to use when they engage in activities online.

In addition, computer applications will a part of several lessons.

Character development and leadership are developed into daily discussions and activities, including several teambuilding initiatives called HAP. (Hart Adventure Program)

The objective of the Character/leadership:

to encourage students to take responsibility for their actionsto familiarize them with good character traits,to place role models before themto help develop good citizens with high moral values.to lead with HART (Helpful, Accountable, Respectful, and Thoughtful)

Primary Websites material is used from are:



Grading Scale:

The class will be graded using a credit/no credit.

Credit: 70% or higher

No Credit: under 70%

I look forward to a fun and successful year!

Jim Cromie jcromie@rochester.k12.mi.us





Leadership is taking risks, finding out you CAN do it!

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