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Cool Websites!

Trail of Tears Webquest



The War of 1812 - Cast Your Vote!!



The Star Spangled Banner Webquest - EXTRA CREDIT



Civil War Battle Letter - Webquest



The Underground Railroad



Flight to Freedom



Lewis and Clark Webquest!!



Amendment Game!!


Preamble Scramble




Constitution Scavenger Hunt


CNN Student News  http://www.sheppardsoftware.com/web_games.htm


for Students  http://www.congressforkids.net/

This will help with understanding the United States Congress!


Jamestown Online Adventure http://www.historyglobe/jamestown

You can play an interactive game on this website while learning about the 13 conlines.  We used this game as an activity in our class!

Missouri Compromise Map

Interactive Timeline Creator


Youth Leadership Initiative


Industrial Revolution WebQuest

Directions:  First read the task then go to the website and answer the question below.

Task : During the 1800s, America witnessed a change in America: factories were hiring women. One of such factories was the Lowell Mills in Massachusetts! This website includes interpreted journal entries of women who worked at the Lowell Mills. Read the journal from the following date and complete the task

1) Explain how people were treated who became injured on the job at the Lowell Mills?

Task: Now unlock the secret behind who really invented the Steamboat! Click the website below and answer the following question

2) Explain what happened during the process of "inventing" the steam boat.

Task: As many of you already know, John Deere is a popular brand of farm equipment today. Check out this site to help further your understanding of John Deere by answering the questions.


3) Explain why John Deere and his partner, Leonard Andrus, developed the steel plow.

Task: Another famous inventor was Cyrus McCormick with the mechanical reaper. Go to this site and complete the following question below:


4) List one way how the reaper changed farming the America.­­­­­­­­­­­

Task: In 1837, Samuel F.B. Morse created a style of communication that cities and naval ships use to transmit messages. The machine sent long and short pulses of electricity along a wire; the messages were in dots and dashes! In fact, you have probably seen this in movies such as Titanic to transmit messages of distress (sinking in the middle of the ocean).

Go to the following site and do the following below.


5) Click listen to hear your name in Morse Code. In your own opinion, list one (1) advantage and one (1) disadvantage to this new invention.

Task: This task could be interesting, yet challenging for you. First, click on this site and scroll until your see the animation of the cotton gin. Now complete the following tasks below.


6) Examine the animation and tell how Eli Whitney got this idea from an observation he made:

"...by watching a cat reach through a fence, try for a chicken, and come away with nothing but feathers..." (Whitney)

Now visit this site to view information regarding Whitney and his other innovation during the American Industrial Revolution.


7) What was his other innovation/invention? How did it help America­­­­?

Now here comes the second (possibly tricky) part of the task. Without using your book, answer the following questions. Please remember that you are simply taking an educated guess at answering the questions.

8) How did the invention of the cotton gin lead to the expansion of slavery?  You have to THINK! No website for this question...

­­­­­­­­­­­­Congratulations on completing your adventure in the Industrial Revolution. Your responses should be organized (according to invention) and in complete sentences.