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Algebra 1 Syllabus


preferred – email:

Check the Google Classroom for upcoming homework, quizzes, and tests.

Absent students should check them to stay current.


Do NOT bring items of distraction to class, Participate daily, Respect others & the
and always Do Your Very Best!


All necessary materials are provided by RCS, including a class set of graphing calculators.  Parents wishing to supplement these resources may consider the purchase of…

pencils, paper (loose leaf & graph), 3-ring binder (1 to 2 in.), TI-30 or above calculator


Homework is assigned because it reinforces skills learned in class, prepares learners
for upcoming
class topics, and helps them develop self-discipline, responsibility, and
organizational skills.

Homework is critical piece of success for each learner.  Homework is assigned almost 
every night and
should take 30 minutes or less to complete.

*See bottom of page for Homework Guidelines & Grading.

Tests & Quizzes:

A Test will be given at the end of each chapter or unit, roughly every 2 or 3 weeks.  Learners will be given at least 3 days notice prior to a test.  They may choose to retake at most 1 test near the end of each quarter.  Between each test, a quiz will often be given.  Quizzes may not be retaken regardless of score.  An exam will be given at the end of each semester that will count as 10% of the learner's semester grade.


Learners should get work prior to planned absences.  For any unplanned absence,
should check the folders below to stay current & request any handouts 
for pick up in the office. 
Absent work should be made up as soon as possible for the best interest of the 
learner.  A
reasonable agreement will be made depending on the specific 
circumstance.  Communication
is key.  
Learners will not receive credit for assignments missed due to an unexcused absence.


Learners are expected to begin class learning routines by the time class is

scheduled to start.  Frequent tardiness or misuse of class time will result in

a lunch detention.  Continued tardiness or misuse of class time will result in

an office referral.


Each learner in the classroom is responsible for making positive contributions to

the learning environment.  Learners are expected to help form class guidelines, then

adhere to those guidelines.   An underlying principle is that class time is precious.

Learners should maximize the use of time in class, and minimize time away from class.

Lateness Policy:

All assignments should be turned in on time.  Any late homework will receive 50% 
of the points
that would have been earned if it had been turned in on time.  Late 
work will not be accepted
after the quarter ends.

Honesty Policy:

Cheating of any kind is not acceptable.  
Discussing homework problems is encouraged.
Copying homework is not.  
Studying with a peer for a quiz or test is fine.
Passing test
or quiz problems or answers is not.  
Communicating in any way during a test or quiz is not
Looking at ‘supplemental’ materials (text, cheat-sheet, desk scribble, another
learner’s work) is not acceptable during a test or quiz.  
Cheating on any graded work will result
in loss of credit for that work.  
*Note: the ‘giver’ in a cheating situation has also cheated.

Progress Reporting:

Academic progress is continually available using parentVUE. 

For any additional information feel free to make the request by email.


Test and Quiz questions are graded based on correctness and clarity of thought.  
Homework is graded based on...
‘quality completion’.  
Homework of quality that is 100% complete – 5 pts

Homework of slightly lesser quality or 75% - 99% complete – 3 pts

Homework of poor quality or less than 75% complete – 0 pts
Quarter grades are weighted:  Of each learner's current quarter grade,

Assignments comprise 20%, Participation comprises 5%, and

Tests & Quizzes comprise 75%.

Semester Grade = (qtr.1 * 45%) + (qtr.2 * 45%) + (sem. Exam * 10%)

Guidelines for Quality Homework Completion:

- Indicate the Chapter & Lesson number of the exercise.

- Write out the problems (except word problems, which are too long)

- Write legibly (showing the work is communication.  If I can’t read it, it’s wrong.)

- Organize problems on the page well with some separation between them.

- Show Your Work…clear, logical steps leading from the problem to the answer.  
In some
cases, explanations in English may be necessary.

- Use a ruler to make accurate tables & graphs with a consistent scale.  
Their size should
allow 3 or 4 to fit from left to right on your page.

- Use math symbols correctly…not to disappear within the ‘work’ to reappear later.
equation must always maintain an equal sign: both sides truly being equal.
equal sign does NOT simply connect one step to the next step.

- Put written answers in your own words, not the textbook’s.

- Clearly indicate your final answer at the end of your work.

- In your homework, convince me that you know what you’re talking about.