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School Closing Information

School closing information will always be posted on our District web site and on our Delta Kelly home page as soon as it becomes available. It will also be sent to all of the major broadcast media stations. In the event of a District-wide school closing, our Delta Kelly fan-out will NOT be activated. In the event of severe weather, parents should check our web site or tune to one of the major broadcast networks.  If school is cancelled ONLY AT DELTA KELLY (or at just a few District schools) prior to the start of the school day, fan-out calls will be made to each family to ensure that the information has reached each household.


If the District finds it necessary to close school prior to the normal end of the school day and after students have arrived, the fan out will be activated from school and we will collect specific information about how each student is to get safely home. No child will be released from Delta Kelly prior to the normal dismissal time until someone has contacted his/her parents and confirmed plans for that child’s release. With parent permission, we will send children home with neighbors or family friends who are authorized by parents to pick them up. Staff members will remain on site at Delta Kelly until all children have been accounted for.


Questions regarding school closing procedures can be directed to Mrs. Andres in the Delta Kelly office. To update fan-out information, parents may contact their child’s classroom teacher.