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Wednesday, 10/1/2014


Delta Kelly PTA Mission Statement

The mission of Delta Kelly's PTA is to develop a partnership between family and school in order to provide our children with the highest advantages in academic, social and physical education. 


Continue Building the Blocks - Join the DK PTA

Why join the PTA?                                                                 

The PTA at Delta Kelly is your link in helping enhance your child's elementary school years. Membership in the PTA provides you with the chance to vote on issues affecting your children along with participating in many programs that are sponsored by the PTA.

PTA membership is not synonymous with volunteerism. Although we'd love for you to help, it is not a requirement by joining the PTA

Help us reach our goal of 100% school wide membership! 


New Volunteer System 2012-2013

Good morning Delta Kelly Families! As the 2012-2013 school year approaches, we want to get a jump start with the enrollment of volunteers. We have decided to start clean this year with the online sign up process. We are asking all DK parents to sign up as a brand new volunteer to the online system. We apologize for any additional work this may cause!

Steps to enroll:

Step 1: Go to - https://helpcounterweb.com/update/home_request.php
Step 2:
Chose brand new volunteer (actual screen choice below):
            (If certain that you are a brand new volunteer, you may skip this step and just click below:
             https://helpcounterweb.com/update/new_info_update_logon.php )
Step 3: Enter Your School Name - Delta Kelly
Step 4: Enter your personal information and SUBMIT

Once it has been submitted I approve in the system and a password will be sent to you. Once you receive your password you can add the activities you are interested in assisting with (Book Club, Fun Run, etc.)
There will be a new sign in computer in the front office. The computer will be used to sign in, print badges and log all volunteer hours (Events and Classroom hours).
There will be a tutorial on the Delta Kelly page soon and training on the system at the first PTA meeting. Stay tuned for more information.


  1. Can I change the password the system automatically assigned me via email? No, unfortunately at this time we cannot change so please store your password.
  2. Can I sign up for my child's class activities through the online system? NO, each teacher will lead their volunteer options for their classroom BUT you will sign in and log your hours with this system when you sign in at the front office.

Thank you for your time and support! Please call email me any questions or concerns at anytime. Leslie Cibor lcibor20@comcast.net


Allergy Guidelines - PTA Responsibility

Please take a few minutes to go over the new guidelines established for the school year. The District will be enforcing these new guidelines starting the school year 2014-15. http://media.rochester.k12.mi.us/download/189360?token=g04QSIqhMu4%3d.




Delta Kelly PTA is now on facebook!

Follow the link below to join our fan page. Click "like" and you will start receiving updates on the happenings of the Delta Kelly PTA.

http://www.facebook.com/pages/Delta-Kelly PTA/151645134869775?ref=ts