The Brewster Fun Run is an annual fund raising event sponsored by the PTA to promote health, fitness and school spirit. Every student who participates will receive a drink and a healthy snack. It is fun for the kids AND for the past several years the Brewster Fun Run has provided almost half the funding for all the programs your children know and love. Our goal this year is to raise $8,500 for academic enrichment programs. With over 400 students and 300 families, this goal is well within reach!

This year's Fun Run is on Friday, October 10thFun Run Times are:

Grades 2/3 8:45-9:30

Grades 4/5 9:30-10:15

Grades K/1 10:15-11:00

Class t-shirt colors are as follows:

Ms. Schneider: Red

Ms. Devlin: Blue

Ms. Pauwels: Green

Mrs. Ogg: Green

Mr. Miserlian: Red

Mrs. Bury: Blue

Ms. Anderson: Green

Mrs. Scharf: Red

Mrs. Fisher: Blue

Mrs. Clark: Blue

Mrs. Gaura: Red

Mrs. Smith: Green

Mrs. Hong: Red

Mrs. Norred: Blue

Mr. Benson: Blue

Mr. Golden: Red

Mrs. Perry: Green