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Disability Awareness Workshop

This program is a hands-on, activity-based workshop for 3rd grade students held at the Rochester Community School Administration Building in the Harrison Room.

The main emphasis of this workshop is to help students become more aware and to gain an empathic understanding of how difficult and complex daily living can be for individuals with disabilities.  We want them to remember that people should be respected no matter how they may look, act, walk, or talk.  The students must realize that people with a disability have abilities too; therefore we focus on those abilities and not on the limitations.

The students are divided into groups and rotate through nine different 10-minute stations including:

  • Deaf and Hard of Hearing station
  • Speech Impairment station
  • 2 Vision Impairment stations
  • 2 Learning Differences stations
  • 3 Physical Impairment stations
  • Autism

We encourage hands-on interaction at all of the stations. The students participate in a wheelchair obstacle course; they wear glasses that give them momentary vision impairments; they also speak with an electric larynx and they experience several reading disabilities. The program also includes a handicapped accessibility activity and many story books before and after this fieldtrip.

This is a volunteer run workshop and cannot be held without the help of volunteers!