Mrs. Fisher

We will Leap into Learning together!!!

Dear Students and Parents,

Welcome! I am so happy to learn that you will be in my 3rd grade class this year! I am looking forward to a fun-filled year of learning with you. I know we will have a wonderful school year together!

The following list of supplies and materials will be helpful for your use in the classroom. Rochester Community Schools provides all the necessary materials and supplies for curricular classes, but often children prefer to bring their own. If you previously purchased the School Kit for third grade, you most likely have many of these items, with the exception of the 3-subject spiral notebook. Also, in preparation to the first day, please make sure to label all items such as, outdoor gear, back packs, and lunch box. Please bring school supplies to school on the very first day.

---  1 bottle school glue
---  4 Glue sticks
---  1 pair of Scissors 
---  small set of crayons
---  small set of colored pencils
---  2 yellow highlighters
---  2 fine-tip red markers for editing
---  2 large pink erasers
---  2 dozen #2 pencils (Ticonderoga preferred)
---  1 Packet of Pencil tip erasers
---  1 small Pencil Box 5.5" by 8.5"
---  2 packs of sticky notes (3X3)
---  ruler with cm and inches
---  small set thin markers
---  1 Marbled Composition Notebook (100 pgs.)
---  1 spiral 3 subject notebook with pockets and tabbed sections
---  2 packs of wide ruled notebook paper
---  1 earbuds

--- 1box of Kleenex to share

---  1 fine tip black sharpie

---  calculator (optional)
---  deck of cards (for math games)

Our desks have limited space. It is recommended that the following fit in the pencil box: 1 glue stick, scissors (1pr), colored pencils, 2 highlighters, 4 pencils, 1 red pen for editing, and eraser. Crayons and markers should stay in the original boxes (please tape the bottom so they do not fall out). Extras may be kept at home to replace as needed, or stored at school in a ziplock bag with your child's name. Students should not bring extra binders, folders and pencil cases.

FOR THE CLASSROOM: Donations of the following are ALWAYS greatly appreciated:
---  paper towel roll (boys)
---  3 X 3 sticky notes (girls)
---  ziplock bags - quart or gallon size  (both)
---  wipes - (bleach free)

Please note that our school is peanut- and tree nut-free. We are asking for your assistance in providing a safe learning environment at school. Please carefully review labels and do not send any products containing nuts for your child to eat during the day. As much as possible, use fruits and vegetables for snacks. Thank you!

I can't wait to meet you and start our learning journey together!


Mrs. Fisher

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