Every year we use many items that aren't on our "regular" list from our supply companies. If you have craft items that you are no longer are using and you would like to find a new home for those items, please drop them off in the art room. Some items the children could always use in their projects would be items such as:

SHARPIES!! Black and multi colored
Hand Sanitizer
Dish soap
Old ribbons
Skeins or balls of yarn
Paint-type markers or gel pens
Beads, buttons and sequins
Cans of inexpensive aerosol hairspray (for drawing fixative) Please no Aqua Net
Craft feathers
Glitter, glitter gel or glitter glue
Remnants of new fabric, such as leather, leatherette, burlap, fake fur, muslin, calico, print, felt, yarn, etc.
Margarine, yogurt, etc containers, with lids,
Healthy Choice/Lean Cuisine containers
Egg cartons, paper towel rolls, toilet paper rolls, film cases with lids, toothpicks, and raffia.
Wall paper
Canning wax
Ranger Rick or Zoobook type magazines

Anything else that you think we could use in an art project!