Dear Second Grader and Parents,

Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year! I am so happy that you will be in my class this year! I just know we will have a wonderful school year together. We will be doing many interesting things this year such as great projects, field trips, class celebrations, math lessons, writing projects, science lessons, and so much more!

We have a snack time each morning. Please bring a nutritious snack such as cheese, fruit, vegetables, etc... Snacks like cookies and chips will be saved for lunch, or sent back home. You may bring a snack on the first day of school.

The following is a list of supplies that would be helpful for your use in the classroom. Rochester Community Schools provides all of the necessary materials and supplies for curricular classes, but often children prefer to bring their own. If you choose to do so, please label items including outdoor gear, school bags, and lunch boxes. School supplies may be brought to school on the very first day.

Please either email me or send a note with your child regarding where to meet you at the end of the first day of school (Gym or Playground), it can be rather confusing the first day back!

I'm looking forward to meeting you on the first day of school!     See you then.


Mrs. Fisher

Suggested Supply List

2 - Spiral notebooks 70 pgs

2 - Marble Composition notebooks 100 pgs (one book will eventually need to be decorated, front and back, with actual pictures of the child doing their favorite activities (no stickers please) - this can be done during the summer and ready to go the first day of school).

1 - Ruler – 12' plastic inches AND centimeters (label with child's name)

1 - Set of wide tip multicolored markers (label box with child's name)

1 - Set colored pencils 24 assorted colors (label box with child's name)

1- Box 24 Count Crayons (label box with child's AND please tape all flaps closed -besides the opening)

1 - Space saver pencil box (label with child's name)

3 - Large glue sticks

1 - Scissors (Fiskar style is best) Blunt Tip (label with childd's name)

2 - Expo FAT Dry Erase Markers (any color except red)

1 - Bottle Elmer's Glue

2 - Yellow and Blue Highlighters

6 - Doz TICONDEROGA #2 pencils (Ticonderoga preferred - the lead doesn't break as easily)

4 - Med. point red pens

2 - Magic Rub pencil erasers (not Magic Erasers you use around the house)

1 - Cotton sock-for Dry Erase board

1 - 1" 3-ring binder (label with child's name)

6 - 2-pocket, 3 prong folders

1 - Set headphones or earbuds (label with child's name)

2 (or more) - Container(s) disinfecting wipes to share (we use these A LOT!)

2 - Boxes of facial tissue

1 - Box zipper sandwich baggies

Please send in a baggie: 4 quarters, 10 dimes, 10 nickels, 20 pennies (used for math) (label with child's name)

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