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Mrs. Rioux

Art Room Supply Buckets 

 Baldwin's Art Room Wish List!!!



Dear Baldwin Kids and Parents,



          OK, that would be about three hundred markers I just tested. Yep, it’s the beginning of a new year of Art at Baldwin . With all of the wonderful projects planned for our art curriculum this year I can’t wait to get started. Every year, we use many items in the art room, that aren’t on our “regular” list from the supply companies. If over the summer, you came-across any of the items on the attached list (or any others you think we could use), please save them for the Art  Room . You will be amazed at the wonderful artwork we create from some of the “strangest” hand-me-downs! 




                                                 Mrs. Rioux/Art Teacher 



  • Boxes of Facial Tissues (really need these to stay healthy!)
  • Bottles of Dishwashing Liquid 
  • Containers of Disinfectant Wipes and Hand Wipes 
  • Black and Colored Permanent Sharpie Markers
  •  Fabric, fabric ribbon, sewing supplies (needles, plastic headed pins, etc.) 
  • Skeins or Balls of Yarn (I couldn’t afford to order any so we REALLY need cool yarn) 
  • Men’s or Women’s button shirts (for paint smocks) 
  • Beads, Buttons, Sequins 
  • Cans of Inexpensive Aerosol Hairspray that we use to settle the dust on our artwork 
  • Fur or Leather Scraps 
  • Empty, cleaned standard size (Dannon) yogurt cups 
  • Ranger Rick or Zoo Book Types of Magazines 
  • Gallon Size boxes of Ziploc Bags (We REALLY need these for projects) 
  •  Anything Else You Think We Could Use in an Art Project! 
  • Empty, clean paper towel rolls 
  • Wooden Coffee Stirrers Aluminum Pie Plates