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Early Reader Project

Welcome to the Early Reader Project


The early literacy educators of Baldwin School are pleased that you have chosen to explore our web site.  We have created this online instructional environment to assist teachers, paraprofessionals, tutors, and parents in developing skills that will assist young learners in literacy development.


A balanced early literacy program includes four distinct areas of instruction.

·         Reading instruction

·         Working with Words

·         Self-Selected Reading

·         Writer’s Workshop


In early childhood classrooms across the Rochester school district, children are immersed in a rich learning environment which includes guided reading groups, shared reading experiences, phonemic awareness lessons, word walls, “making words”, multi-sensory phonics lessons, teacher read-alouds, self-selected reading time, modeled writing lessons, independent writing and publishing. 


Children learn in different ways from different kinds of reading and writing experiences.  Classrooms that provide a combination of approaches are those most likely to give all children an opportunity to read and write successfully.


The lessons contained within this web site focus primarily on developing the skills of phonemic awareness and multi-sensory phonics.   Current research in the science of teaching reading have identified these skills as being critical in the process of literacy development; thus our focus on the importance of explicit teaching of phonemic awareness and multi-sensory phonics.   Please be aware, however, that they are simply important components of our comprehensive early literacy program.


At this time, we are in the process of implementing Readers and Writers Workshops in our early childhood classrooms.  These workshops provide a "best practice" framework for reading and writing instruction.  Since we are in a year of transition, the exact phonemic awareness and phonics lessons within this website may not be taught exactly the way they are laid out.  We will work to update this site as our excellent program unfolds. 






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