LESSON 20:  Bossy R

(2 Weeks)

Weekly Plans

Weeks 1 and 2:

1.      3-Part Drill:  Review of all letters presented

2.      Introduce R-controlled vowels:  er, ir, ur ;   -er is the most common, -ir the second most common, -ur is the least common.

3.      Recipe for Reading, pg. 113-118, fingertap spelling and sentence dictation

4.      Systematic Sequential Phonics They Use  (Making Words activity)

·        Lesson 66  (ir)

·        Lesson 67  (er)

·        Lesson 69  (ur)



Method/Definitions/Spelling Rules

·        R-controlled vowels (Bossy R) – R controlled vowels are neither long nor short.  The R takes over the sound of the vowel. 


·        Vowels er, ir, ur -- These three R-controlled vowels are introduced together.  Explain that they all have the same sound.  On separate days develop the spelling patterns one at a time. It is best to introduce -er first because it is the most frequently used            r-controlled vowel.  Explain to children that it is the “Bossy R” because it always takes over the vowel sound. 











Multi-Sensory Activities

·        Story telling – Tell a story about a make-believe bossy child who takes over every game and always gets his/her own way.  Bossy R is like that child.  It takes over any vowel, and doesn’t let it say its long or its short sound.

·        Blending Board

Add the three Bossy R spelling patterns to this daily drill.

·        Introduce the Bossy R by making a visor with the word “Boss R”.  Have several children take turns being the “Boss R” next to e, i, and u.

1.      Create a overhead pictures of a clerk, a bird, and fur.

2.      Brainstorm r-controlled vowel words together.

3.      Sort er (clerk), ir (bird), and ur (fur) words into the appropriate key picture as a whole group.

4.      Break up into small groups, give each group one of the r controlled vowels to work with. Children will brainstorm additional words to match their key picture. 

5.      Groups will share words with class writing their words on chart paper with key picture.  


·        Play the magic square game with R-controlled vowels.  Draw a 3 x 3 square on board (see below).












Children connect letters to make words and record the words on the board, such as curb, turn, blurt and churn..  See how many words you can make. (See Recipe for Reading, page 118 for further graph charts.)


·        Have children make their own “Boss R” visor using pattern from page 96 in Alternatives to Worksheets. (Creative Teaching Press)  They can write various

R-controlled words on the underside of visor.

Phonics/Handwriting/Spelling Integration

·        Phonics skill application spelling words

            Week 1 – sister, singer, bird, girl, fur

            Week 2 –  (Review)  home, vote, goal, Joe, rule, June coin, enjoy, sister, girl

·        Wall Words

            Week 1 – Review

            Week 2 – Review