The Rochester Community Schools Human Resources Department is now using the new electronic mail out program, called MailOut, to notify interested individuals when a new Notice of Vacancy has been posted on the district web site. If you are interested in receiving an electronic notification of job postings you will need to follow simple sign-up instructions below. Postings will continue to be displayed on designated bulletin boards in district facilities and filed in the Open Vacancies Book kept within the Human Resources Department at the Administration Center.

Please Note: As an added feature, you can join the many individuals who have already signed up to receive school district information as well as information from individual schools.

Here are the simple Step-by-Step instructions on how to register to receive electronic notification of posted Instructional and/or Non-Instructional position vacancies.

1. Go to (Please click continue to this website to bypass the certificate error)

2. Fill in the boxes with the requested information in the top portion and click on Create Subscription.

3. After you have created your subscription, login with your email address and the password you entered. At the bottom of the page find the option, Email List Subscriptions. Use the - Global Lists – menu under District Subscriptions to select the type of postings for which you want to be notified.

Your options are Job Posting: Instructional or Job Posting: Non-Instructional. You may decide to receive notifications for both types of vacancy notifications. For example, some Paraeducator positions are instructional support and would be communicated through the Job Posting: Instructional MailOut process. Other Paraeducator positions are categorized as non-instructional. If you want to receive MailOut notifications for both categories, you will need to subscribe to each option separately.

4. Questions? If you need assistance with the Job Posting MailOut process, please contact Kristine Davis, in Human Resources at