On March 15th, a group of 17 volunteers from Adams High School (Ben Champine, Remi Crowe, Wendy Dong, Caroline Gage, MacKenzie Humphrey, Theo Kardasis, Alex Kim, Nick Letto, Miriam Riviera, Ciara Sosnowski, Domenico Munaco, Marcello Munaco, Will Ronan, Caroline Wolanin ,Lily Champine, Will Darah, Emanuela Gjokaj) represented For Brighter Days charity and delivered 115 St. Patrick’s Day themed care packages to the preschoolers and kindergarteners at Henderson Academy in Detroit. While they were there, they also made St. Patrick’s Day crafts, spoke to them about caring for, and helping out, one another to encourage a positive school environment. The teachers and school board in Detroit extend a huge thank you to everyone involved in the Adams community for their support and help.

For Brighter Days charity was started in 2016 by AHS Senior Wendy Dong and their mission is to distribute handmade care packages to children in need in Southeast Michigan with the educational and personal resources they need. The proceeds of the charity are donated to the Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy Association in Cooper Salsberry’s name. For Brighter Days have met with over 200 kindergarteners and preschoolers across the Flint and Detroit school districts, raised over $10,000, and had over 30 student volunteers from Adams help make these events possible. For more pictures and information about For Brighter Days click on the link www.forbrighterdays.org.