Thank you to all students that participated in the Reflections program this year. We had 79 entries to judge, which made it very difficult to pick just one winner from each category. The judges were very impressed with the talent at Adams High School. Each entry was scored using a rubric: interpretation, creativity and technique with interpretation of the theme playing the largest role. The scores were then tallied and winners were selected. On Tuesday, all entrees were displayed during the gallery stroll in the Media Center and the winners were announced. Thank you to the students, parents, teachers and staff for making this year a great success.

Congratulations to our winners:
Film category: Evelyn Mulroy (1st), Ashley Jacobson (2nd), Ajay Keerthy (3rd)
Literature category: Ashley Jacobson (1st), Kristen D’Souza (2nd), Taylor Truszkowski (3rd), Shannon Beattie (Honorable Mention)

Photography category: Abbigail Seligman (1st), Ashley Jacobson (2nd) and Zach Adams (2nd), Ashley Jacobson (Honorable Mention)
Visual Arts category: Yejin Chang (1st), Ashley Jacobson (2nd), Brittany Benedetto (3rd), Nayoun Nicole Kim (Honorable Mention), Annelyse Foudie (Honorable Mention)

District Winners will be announced in March 2018 at the District Awards Ceremony. An invitation will be sent with the official date and time by the District coordinator in the new year.