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At the beginning of each session students will be given a syllabus for each subject.  The teacher will discuss all aspects of the syllabus with students.  The syllabus will include:


Ø      Material that will be covered

Ø      Testing styles and approximate dates for tests.  Also the weight that the testing will have on the overall grade

Ø      Grading procedures which may include daily points for coming to class prepared, class participation and overall attitude

Ø      Any necessary papers and/or projects and their due dates\\

Ø      Any additional assignments


Grades will be available at mid-quarter for Parent/Teacher Conferences, and then again at the end of each session.


It is the responsibility of the student’s parent/guardian to attend the Parent/Conferences that will occur 4 ½ weeks into each session.  If they are unable to attend at the scheduled time, they need to contact the Secretary to set up an alternate time.


The final grade will be mailed home approximately 1 ½  weeks after classes are completed for the session.  If parents need the grades mailed to more than one address, please contact the Student Enrollment Office with the secondary address.


Along with the final grade, student’s citizenship will also be assessed.  Citizenship is defined as a student’s attitude and actions within a classroom toward peers and staff.


Outstanding effort in the areas of Academics, Achievement, Attendance and Attitude will be recognized in the form of certificates that will enhance a student’s portfolio.