Rochester Adams Wellness !!!

Higgins Lake-My Summer Retreat! 


Wellness 1 focuses on soccer, basketball, tennis, and fitness as activity components. Wellness 1 will also focus on health issues that teenagers will encounter and deal with for a life time.  Special speakers will come in and topics will be dicussed.  A primary goal is to make sure students have some set skill and knowledge of understanding towards the above activities and health related topics.


Wellness 2  will expand on topics of health issues and look at team sports, aerobic fitness. Students have options in Wellness 2 and can have a more specific look at certain fitness related topics as mentioned above. 


Health- 20 wk course. An in-depth look at todays health concerns amoung teenagers and our society as a whole. Using the Michigan Model, we will study various topics and have guest speakers with expertise in certain fields discuss trends and current health issues.


7th/8th Grade- West- Semester Course involving fitness and skill related movements for lifelong enjoyment.  Please visit Mrs. Harding's webpage for further 6th grade physical education news.  (Copy and paste link below)



We also offer tradional Physical Education classes, such as agiltiy, team sports, aerobics and others.  You must have a Wellness course or a 20 week health class to take these electives!!


Our goal is to have every student receive a well rounded understanding of what good wellness is and to have a proper foundation to live a healthy, active  lifestyle.



Go Highlanders!! Go Warriors!!


Mr. Picot


First Semester  Hour         Second Semester     
8th grade PE 1st Hr. 8th grade PE
7th grade PE 2nd Hr. 7th grade PE
7th grade PE 3rd Hr. 7th grade PE
Travel/ Confernce/Lunch 4th Hr. Travel/Conference/Lunch
Team Sports-Adams 5th Hr. Team Sports-Adams
Health - Adams 6th Hr. Health- Adams


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