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Sunday, 9/14/2014


Correct Portrait Head Size and Background

2014 Hardship Situations

Prestige offers free sittings and a formal portrait for those with extenuating circumstances.

Purchase Your Adams Award Winning Yearbook Online

The Award Winning Adams High School yearbook will only be available for purchase on-lineNo orders will be accepted at schoolYou may purchase the Adams High School yearbook starting today; purchase early and SAVE!


$68 August 1 - Sept. 6

$73 September 7 - Jan. 31

Personalize the book:

Namestamping starts at $8 extra and must be purchased by Jan. 25! See details online.

To Purchase:

Using a credit card, debit card or PayPal, go to: www.yearbookforever.com and enter Adams High School.

You Can Also Order Senior Parent Pride Ads ONLINE!

Let your student know that you are proud of their achievements by placing a personalized ad in the yearbook (Price includes $5 online service fee). ** It's our preference that you order Parent Pride Ads online, but we will accept orders delivered to Mr. Lovalvo by filling out the order form (available for download from this page) and paying by check made out to RCS. See below for details.

• Quarter page: $90

• Eighth page: $60

Parent pride ad sales dates: August 19 - January 31

Senior parent pride ad space is limited. Additional deadline dates may be added if space is available. Go to: www.yearbookforever.com to order your ad.

Parent Pride Submitted Directly to Mr. Lovalvo

You can still submit PP Ads directly to Mr. Lovalvo.

Quarter Page: $85

Eighth Page: $55

Parent Pride ads will only be processed when all materials are recieved: form, picture files, and payment. Ads will be laid out by Yearbook staff members. Simply provide digital photographs and copy (title and body) and the staff will do the rest.

Please bring or mail Parent Pride form to Adams High School 3200 W. Tienken Rd, Rochester, MI 48306 c/o Mr. Lovalvo, Yearbook Advisor (248-726-5200).

Other Important Senior YB Requirements

Digital Photos/Files

  • ALL portrait photos, Parent Pride photos and Baby Picture photos must be DIGITAL: JPEG format and at least 300 dpi.
  • Digital files can be emailed to me BUT must be clearly labeled as PP, baby, or senior portrait: dlovalvo1@rochester.k12.mi.us.

Senior Portraits

IMPORTANT: If you use a photographer other than Prestige, the only way to guarantee that your portrait makes it in the yearbook is to personally check with Mr. Lovalvo before the deadline.

Senior portraits are due November 4th. You or your photographer must deliver your senior portrait to Mr. Lovalvo by this date. This is not the date of your photo shoot. It is the date by which Mr. Lovalvo needs the photo.

SPECS - use the portrait above as a guide for sizing, attire, and quality.

  • Wallet sized (approx 2 X 3 in.), color retouched photographs head & shoulders, both eyes showing
  • Distance from TOP OF HEAD to CHIN is 1.25 inches
  • Medium blue/gray/brown background
  • No hands or props showing
  • Soft focus is accepted
  • No shoulders showing or low-cut tops

*Be aware that portraits not meeting these guidelines will not be accepted*

Class Composite (please read carefully)

The class composite is a picture of the senior class that is displayed in the school and handed out to seniors included in it.



If you want your senior portrait included in the class composite, and you did not use Prestige as your photographer, YOU MUST BRING A COMPOSITE HEAD SHOT TO PRESTIGE WITH AN ADDITIONAL $20 FEE (Ask your photographer to take this extra shot). THIS IS THE SENIORS' RESPONSIBILITY, NOT THAT OF MR. LOVALVO OR THE YEARBOOK STAFF - YOU MUST DO THIS PERSONALLY.

Prestige Portrait Studio • 248-377-2444
Hours: T,W: 10-6 • Th: 12-8 • F,S: 9-5

REMINDER: If you use a photographer other than Prestige, the only way to get your portrait on the composite is to personally take it to Prestige at the address above.

Baby Pictures

  • Baby pictures are due December 1

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