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PTSA Fundraising One & Done Program

Click here to contact Michelle for more information about the One & Done Donation Program.  

In addition to Carsons Coupon Books and Kroger Rewards, the Adams PTSA also has a One & Done Donation Program. This is a tax-deductible one-time donation to support PTSA programs, events and activities. We suggest a $40 donation perfamily to help us meet our fundraising goal, but please adjust the amount to fit your budget. This donation is in addition to the PTSA membership, and 100% of each donation supports our school.

Last year, PTSA funding included:

  •  Guest speakers
  •  Classroom grant requests
  •  Media center chairs
  •  Classroom projectors
  •  New family welcome night
  •  Bagels for Junior Testing
  •  Bar code scanners
  •  Schoolastic magazines
  •  Reflections Program
  •  Musical instruments
  •  Staff appreciation week
  •  Foreign language week staff dinner and more.