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Thursday, 11/27/2014

Baldwin Elementary 4th Graders Visit Stoney Creek Schoolhouse

On Monday, November 10, Baldwin Elementary students from Mr. Lachowski’s fourth grade class visited The Rochester Hills Museum’s Stoney Creek Schoolhouse. The unique interactive history program is entitled: “Life in a Changing Country.” The Baldwin children were asked to think like a historian and use artifacts as well as archival photos and documents to identify questions that historians ask. In addition, the 1950’s schoolhouse served as an excellent venue for students to work in teams to explore the interactive iPad Timeline activity. Students examined headlines, fashion, inventions, sports & leisure, toys & books, and music as they virtually travelled through a century (1850—1950). The concepts of Primary and Secondary resources emerged in sharp relief as the students explored local artifacts. The trip served as a wonderful enrichment opportunity to supplement our social studies program.